Seahawks vs. Chiefs: Gameday Predictions


The Seattle Seahawks are hours away from taking on the 6-3 Kansas City Chiefs and they need to be prepared for one of their toughest contests of the season.

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The Chiefs have one of the loudest stadiums in the country and you better believe their fans are going to do whatever it takes to get into the heads of the Seahawks.

But Seattle has something that most teams haven’t head entering Arrowhead Stadium — a run game that could exploit the Chiefs poor run defense, and that could prove to be the difference maker on Sunday.

Here are some other predictions:

1. Marshawn Lynch rushes for not one, but two touchdowns.

So the Chiefs haven’t allowed a rushing touchdown yet this season. So what?

They haven’t faced a rushing attack quite like the Seahawks yet this season.

Lynch is in a perfect position to get a couple of touchdowns simply because of how the offense is set up.

In red zone situations, he will be getting the rock and most of the time he finds his way into the endzone. Kansas City’s secondary is too good to rely on Seattle’s receivers and they don’t have many red zone targets other than Lynch.

This means for Seattle to score, other than on deep ball plays, it’s going to be with Lynch.

2. Russell Wilson throws for fewer than 200 yards.

Kansas City has the best secondary in the league and that will probably keep Wilson from throwing the ball as much as he has lately.

Two hundred yards has been a pretty normal game for Wilson this year, who has the luxury of letting the run game take the majority of the yardage, but if you’re expecting a big game through the air, Sunday is not the time.

I will throw in an additional prediction that Wilson completes 14 of 22 passes that go for about 150 yards and maybe a touchdown, though I actually don’t think Seattle will find the end zone through the air this time.

The Chiefs are just too good defending the pass.

3. Seahawks defense holds Jamaal Charles to fewer than 100 yards on the ground.

Believe it or not, Charles hasn’t rushed for 100 yards all season.

That can also be attributed to the breakout season of Knile Davis who has only seven fewer carries than Charles, making the two a legitimate dual-threat.

But neither will get over 100 yards individually, especially with Seattle’s front seven allowing only 80 yards per game on the ground.

They have what it takes to shut down the Kansas City run game, which might cause them to throw the ball more, which would allow a healthy Seahawks secondary to do their thing.

It all starts with stopping Charles, Davis and the run game.

4. Seahawks win, 27-23.

Seattle should win this game. They understand how big this win would be for their confidence and they understand that they need it to keep pace with the Cardinals in the NFC West.

And they are healthy!

It’s not going to be an easy win and it might come down to who scores last, but Seattle has become better at managing their play clock and if they can control the penalties (that’s a very big “if”) and if they can maintain the majority of the possession game, they should have what it takes to beat the Chiefs on their own field.

Can the Chiefs beat Seattle? Certainly, but the Seahawks should be pumped enough for this one to leave with the W.