Four Reasons Why The Seahawks Will Make the Playoffs

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Joe Nicholson-USA TODAY Sports

The Seahawks Rushing Attack Averages 170 YPG

Simply stated… Seattle has the best rushing attack in all of the NFL. This isn’t speculation, or homerism. It’s a fact backed up by statistics.

Marshawn Lynch alone is one of the last remaining premiere every-down running backs in the league. We see it every week with the way the offense revolves around him and his punch-you-in-the-face style that ignites the offense.

Add Russell Wilson, who to me is easily the smartest QB in the league in terms of knowing when to scramble and slide or get out of bounds safely, to the equation. That gives Seattle an edge that no other team in the NFL possesses. That’s why the Seahawks rank #1 in rushing yards-per-game.

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