49ers at Seahawks: Gameday Predictions


The Seattle Seahawks and San Francisco 49ers are almost ready for their third showdown since January, and the edge is with the Seahawks.

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As hot as the Seahawks defense has been, it’s hard to see the 49ers beating the Seahawks at the CLink, where Colin Kaepernick has never won a game.

But stranger things have happened and with the 49ers playing for very little at this point, they may come out swinging while holding nothing back.

On the other hand, the Seahawks dominated San Francisco on Thanksgiving night and something similar could happen on Sunday.

Here are some predictions for Sunday’s game:

1. Russell Wilson accounts for 250 all-purpose yards.

There hasn’t been a defense this season that has really been able to shut down Wilson, and I don’t expect the 49ers to be the first.

Wilson threw for 236 yards and ran for 35 more the last time these teams played, and there isn’t any reason he can’t put up similar numbers on Sunday.

San Francisco’s best chance of stopping Wilson is blitzing the heck out of the Seahawks offensive line, but even when doing that, Wilson will either dump off a screen pass or scramble away for seven or eight yards.

2. Marshawn Lynch has 100 rushing yards and a touchdown.

Lynch has averaged nearly 20 carries and 88 rushing yards in nine career games against the 49ers. In five of his last seven games against the Niners, including last year’s NFC title game, he has run past the century mark.

Both of the times he didn’t run for 100 yards came last regular season where he rushed for 98 and 72 yards, respectively.

San Francsico hasn’t had a terrible run defense this season, but they are just another team that has trouble stopping Lynch and he should have another big performance on Sunday.

3. Seahawks defense forces three turnovers.

The 49ers have turned the ball over eight times in their last three games and their ball security issues all season have been well-documented.

If the Seahawks can get to Kaepernick, they are going to force turnovers, whether that’s through the air or causing fumbles.

Either way, the defense should be able to pick up the ball two or three times on Sunday.

4. Seahawks defense holds 49ers to fewer than 225 total yards.

The 49ers offense is averaging 205 passing yards and 113 rushing yards per game, 27th and 16th in the league, respectively.

But I don’t see them putting up anything near 300 yards, heck, I don’t even think they can put up 250 against this red-hot Seahawks defense.

The 49ers only had 164 yards of total offense against the Seahawks on Thanksgiving, and while I don’t think they will get blown out quite that bad again, they will only barely get over the 200 yard mark.

It’s a combination of the 49ers not playing well right now and the Seahawks looking like their old dominant selves again.

San Francisco is going to need some big plays to take the CLink crowd out of it for awhile, but that’s a lot easier said than done.

5. Seahawks beat 49ers, 27-13.

Some are predicting a blowout, others are predicting a really close game.

I’ll predict something in between.

The Seahawks offense should score at least three touchdowns and get into 49ers territory a few other times to allow for some Steven Hauschka field goals.

On defense, I don’t see the defense allowing more than a touchdown, unless something weird happens like when Jon Ryan‘s muffed punt set up an Eagles touchdown last week.

Seattle is simply playing too well right now.