12 Awesome Deflate-gate Memes


As I’m sure you’ve heard, the Seattle Seahawks’ Super Bowl opponent is in the midst of a tiny scandal.  The New England Patriots were caught breaking a NFL rule during the AFC Championship game by deflating their footballs.

Deflate-gate, as it is being called, has been hilarious to follow on social media. The jokes almost write themselves. People are having fun with this, which is the best possible direction for this story to turn.

If you’re outraged by what the Patriots did, it might be time to let it go. They’ll get punished, and it won’t have any influence on the Super Bowl. I recommend just having fun with it.

With that in mind, I’ve collect some of the best memes on the subject that have hit twitter over the last few days.

1. Who wouldn’t want a football-shaped donut?

2. One of Rome’s interns has some serious photoshop skills.

3. 11 of 12 balls disagree.



6. Seinfeld jokes are losing their relevance, but this one works.

7. I worry that this will be a common excuse for the next couple of years

8. Toilet (paper) humor.

9. Well played Amazon.

10. Except they’ll probably send you a bobcat.

11. The Michelin Man is still creepy. 

12. Hate to break it to you, but that’s not for pumping up sports equipment.

Bonus: Watching fans try and blame it on Gronk spiking the footballs is hilarious.