Seahawks News: It’s not how you start, it’s how you finish


Pete Carroll says that it’s not how you start, it’s how you finish. And Packers fans, and media just need to stop it. I have been, in my lifetime distinctly disliked, still am to this day. And for 56 minutes in the NFC Championship game,  I intensely disliked what I saw happening at Century Link Field, aside from the punter to offensive tackle touchdown in the 3rd quarter. Forty-eight-plus hours later I’m accepting but still stunned that Seattle won that game.

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If it hadn’t gone that way I would be distressed certainly, but you know I don’t think I would be attacking the Packers players. But it didn’t and whatever you want to call it, opportunity knocked, kismet arrived and luck and the will to overcome was so strong on the Seahawks sidelines that they did what they needed to do to win that game. Whatever it took period, without cheating.

Packer fans, your team played great for 55 minutes. Include me in the group of Seahawks fans that gave up. Russell Wilson didn’t. After throwing four interceptions in the first 51 minutes of this game, he sucked it up and kept throwing the ball.  And when Green Bay needed to step up their game, they simply didn’t. Wilson went from a 7 QB passer rating with 89 yards to a 44 passer rating and 209 yards while your team was bumbling about.

You want to cry about how we won but Aaron Rodgers was hurt? OK… we were missing our starting right tackle and had two Pro Bowlers playing one armed from the secondary. And since we still kept you out of the endzone, your anger is misdirected.

Wanna make fun of Russell Wilson, Jermaine Kearse, Michael Bennett and all the other Seahawks players who showed visible emotion and cried in front of the entire country? Go ahead. Obviously you have never, ever wanted and worked so hard for something only to watch it nearly slip from your grasp. And then achieved that goal and held it in your hand. Laugh away, Seattle is still going to the Super Bowl.

Don’t like Richard Sherman‘s brash talk and cocky walk? Can’t stand Doug Baldwin‘s diatribe about not giving up? Think Russell Wilson’s constant references to God are annoying? OK, sometimes it gets a little much, but if you don’t like it, change the channel. No really, change the channel, we don’t mind. At the end of the day, their play on the field backs it up and that is all that matters.

To the Boston sports radio station crew who chose to take potshots at Sherman (“he’s a thug”), the Legion of Boom (“they’re a cocky bunch of dinks”?) and Russell Wilson for crying, we’ll see you in 12 days, on a neutral field and see what happens. Even your coach, the usually surly Bill Belichick was more interesting than you.

What it comes down to is facts:

1) Russell Wilson has the best record of any quarterback in NFL history after 3 years and he had a bad 55 minutes of football Sunday, that turned into a perfect passer rating and a win.

2) Which team has been to the Super Bowl the most times in the last decade? The Seattle Seahawks, and finally…

3) denigrate, hate and say what you will, where will you be on February 1st?

Go Hawks!