Awesome Super Bowl XLIX Prop Bets


Jan 25, 2015; Phoenix, AZ, USA; General view of the Super Bowl XLIX letters and the downtown Phoenix skyline at the NFL Experience at Phoenix Convention Center in advance of Super Bowl XLIX between the Seattle Seahawks and the New England Patriots. Mandatory Credit: Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

One of my favorite parts of the Super Bowl each year is looking at all of the crazy prop bets that are available for people to bet on. Vegas always puts together some hilarious ones, and the Super Bowl XLIX prop bets are no exception to that rule.

Bovada currently has almost 300 prop bets available. Most of them are fairly boring. “Who’s going to win the MVP?” and just about every stat combination you can think of. You can bet on how many rushing yards Robert Turbin will have in the third quarter or the color of Bill Belichick’s hoodie if you really feel the need to waste your money.

Some of the props are more entertaining though. I’ve compiled a few of my favorites below. And yes there is one about Lynch and his crotch grab touchdown celebration.

This is crazy low. I know people are looking at the NFCCG here, but that game was definitely out of character for Wilson. The only way that Wilson ends up with under 17 completions is if Seattle wins in blowout fashion because Lynch dominates all game.

Both of these seems a bit low, but it depends on the game flow. If Seattle gets an early lead Lynch is likely to blow passed these numbers. If they don’t, then they are probably about right.

These numbers for Baldwin feel about right or maybe even a bit high. He’s likely to draw the attention of Revis for most of the game, so his numbers will dip some from his normal performance level. 

She’s a pro. Take the under and no. I mean seriously, look at her resume. This isn’t amateur hour.

I think the answer is likely no on both of these. Lynch will piss off a bunch of overly-entitled national media types at media day, but I seriously doubt he’ll do anything that’ll get himself fined.

As for the second one, the league came out and said that it’ll be a 15-yard penalty. Carroll will tell him not to hurt the team. The only chance it happens is if the Seahawks are winning in a blowout. Then, I could see Lynch doing it just to piss off the league office.

The fine print makes this one tricky. There will be a ton of ads and hoopla over her performance, but all of it will be pre-recorded. I’m tempted to take the under, but there will be at least one “stay tuned at halftime comment.” All that is needed is one more mention and the under is no longer a winning bet.

I have no clue on either of these. My wife says the smart money is on skirt and brown. I’m not dumb enough to argue with her on this one.

No, never. Unless the Patriots win in a blowout, it won’t happen.

This one depends on where she’s sitting. If he’s in the owners box, I doubt they’ll show her at all since it is almost impossible to get a good shot of anyone up there. If she’s in the stands, it’ll be more like once for every 2 Patriots’ drives.

My guess here is to take the under. While there’s no way to be certain, I’m going to assume that the announcers will be under orders from the league office to keep the mentions to minimum. There will probably be a sideline report about checking the air pressure, and that’s it.

Imagine if they thanked the media. “I’d like to thank the members of the media. Your asinine questions drove me to greatness. If you hadn’t asked me the same damn thing 8,000 times, this never would have happened.” That would be epic.

Never bet on blue, green, or red. Those stain, and the coach has to be presentable for presentations. Someone will tell the players to grab a different bucket. I always say to pick clear. There are more ice water buckets on the sideline than all the gatorade flavors combined. Probability says that’s the right pick.