Fan rallies for Super Bowl XLIX popping up everywhere there are 12s


The Seattle Seahawks and their fans that are in Arizona for Super Bowl XLIX had a little get-together today. They called it 12fest, and it completely filled Chase Field in Phoenix.

Since I’m not in Arizona for the game this week, and thus couldn’t check out 12fest, I decided to stop by one of dozens of Seahawks fan rallies that were happing around the country today. The one closest to me was at Ester Short park in Vancouver, Washington.

Despite near-freezing temperatures, a few hundred people showed up in their Seahawks gear to get fired up for tomorrow’s big game. The music was jamming, and the stage was filled with competition like “best touchdown celebration.”

The youngest entires in that particular competition were especially popular. Lets face it, seeing an eight-year-old do a Marshawn Lynch impersonation is kind of awesome.

I managed to get a few pictures of people who were near the edges of the crowd. Here are a few of the best dressed 12s from the group, and one very large sign one couple brought.

There were a few signs in the crowd, but this was by far the largest.

This guy was showing his 12 spirit, and was also ready in case someone needed a super hero.

This was one of the most energetc youngsters in the crowd, and he looked adorable in that tiny jersey!

I’m not sure where these kids got those hats, but I wan’t one! Awesome!

Cape? check. weird socks over pants? check. She was a mast away from having a sweet seahaws-super hero outfit.

Perhaps the best sight of the day wasn’t even from the group of people. One of the fans brought along a magnificently painted Seattle Seahawks boat. 

Even the engine was painted.

Overall, it was a lot of fun. It may not have been as cool as 12fest down in Phoenix, but no airfare was required to attend.

Thanks to everyone who let me take their picture. Go Hawks!