Super Bowl XLIX Predictions


Jan 28, 2015; Phoenix, AZ, USA; General view of the Super Bowl XLIX roman numerals with the NFL Shield logo at Super Bowl Central. Mandatory Credit: Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Super Bowl XLIX is set to begin in just under 24 hours, so it’s time for the staff here at 12th Man Rising to give our predictions for the big game. As expected, most of the nation and almost all of the national media are picking the Patriots this year. Of course, they almost all picked the Broncos last year.

Predictably, the writer here at 12th Man Rising didn’t follow the national trend. Take a look:

Chris Blakely

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As for prediction,  I’m going to go

Seahawks 38 Patriots 24

. It will be closer than the scoreline indicates. I’m saying a pick six by a member of the Legion of Boom as the Patriots are driving to score the game late in for 4th quarter.

Russell Wilson will throw for around 220 yards with 2 tds and rush for around 65 with as TD.

Marshawn Lynch rushes for 115 and a TD. Doug Baldwin catches 7 for 110 and Kearse has 4 for 60. Luke Willson will also have 3 catches and a TD.

Thomas Oide

I honestly just want to see some football. Seriously, these past two weeks have been about the whole nation complaining about the Patriots being “cheaters” and Marshawn Lynch’s media antics. Enough. It’s football. Let these two teams be and let them settle whatever controversies or debates the media has sparked on the field.

These are the two best teams in the NFL right now. This is the matchup I picked both preseason and midseason, and I expect it to be the best Super Bowl in recent history. I’ll take Kam Chancellor, Richard Sherman and Earl Thomas over Rob Gronkowski, Julian Edelman and Danny Amendola any day of the week.

Seahawks 27-Patriots 21 

Shaquira Speaks

Of course im going to go the the seattle seahawks winning it all, capping off a frest win streak at the end of the season. Although the game will be close, seeing that this game is with the #1 in the AFC and #1 in the NFC. Two great offenses against two great defense will see that both sides of the ball are played well.

With Russell Wilson throwing for 275+ yards, with Marshawn “I’m just here so i wont get fined” Lynch rushing for a good 120 yards. A few TDs by Baldwin and Kearse, but I also predict 6 points by Lockette. This game is going to come down the the wire, maybe in the last 2 minutes. One of the great QBs is going to have to put together a strong 2 minute drill and save the day and I choose Wilson.

My game score prediction is 35-31 SEA.

Keith Myers, Editor

It seem that all of the national media types are on the Patriots right now. That’s not surprising, but these are the same people who all said the Broncos were going to win last year. We all know how that turned out.

Offense is sexy, and that’s why Seattle never gets any love from national media. Defense is what wins championships though, and no team in the NFL has a defense better than Seattle’s.

I expect this is going to be low scoring game. I don’t expect Brady and the Patriots to be able to consistently move the ball against the Seahawks, though they will be able to put a few drives together.

As long as the Seahawks are able to establish Lynch and the ground game, I believe that will control the flow of the game, and control the fourth quarter.

Seattle 23 – 21 New England

Paul Novak, Editor

The general predictions that I’m hearing from non Seahawks fans is that the Patriots are going to win this Sunday. Two main reasons keep coming up.

The first is that the Seattle Seahawks barely squeaked by the Packers and needed a ton of luck in the final five minutes to even make it to the Super Bowl. The Patriots on the other hand easily defeated the Colts for the AFC championship. This gives a sort of false sense of security to people. Because these two championship game outcomes were so different, the Patriots must be the better team, or at least playing better football at the moment.

The second reasoning for choosing the Patriots is Tom Brady and Bill Belichick. The two are arguably the greatest playoff QB/coach duo in the NFL’s history. Since the 2001 season they’ve appeared in six Super Bowls and have won three, which could go up to four with a win tomorrow.

What many people outside of Seattle don’t understand is that this Seahawks team plays up to their competition. A Hall of Fame bound quarterback doesn’t scare them. Russell Wilson’s 10-0 record against Super Bowl winning quarterbacks should prove that. An elite QB doesn’t scare the Legion of Boom and the rest of the Seahawk’s defense.

The things that people are saying about this game is the same thing that many said before last year’s meeting with the Denver Broncos in Super Bowl 48. I wouldn’t be shocked with a similar result on Sunday.

Seahawks win their second consecutive Lombardi Trophy.

Seahawks 28 – Patriots 17