Why The Seahawks Will Win Super Bowl 50

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The View from Section 114 is one that sees the Seattle Seahawks hoisting another Lombardi Trophy in February.

So much of the past two months has revolved around negative news coming out of Seahawk camp;

Michael Bennett Wants OutRussell Wilson Wants Too Much MoneyFrank Clark, Frank Clark, Frank Clark…Our Pets HEADS ARE FALLING OFF!!!!!!!

It’s time for something positive, optimistic and hopeful.

It’s time for…… THE VIEW FROM SECTION 114.

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During the season, this will be my weekly column about what’s on my mind with the Hawks; what I saw in the previous game, where things seem to stand overall, and smaller story lines that I think are being overlooked.  I’m not promising it will all be positive, I get as panicked and pessimistic as the next fan when things aren’t going well, but my aim is to be as objective and hopeful as possible.

Usually it’s easy to think positively in the offseason.  You see all the shiny new toys in the garage and imagine them all meshing together in harmony as your team marches on to hoist the Lombardi Trophy that first weekend in February. But this one seems a bit different for most people in Seahawk Country; there’s been a fair share of negativity.

So I thought it was time to bring us back to center with my view of exactly why the Seahawks will win Super Bowl 50:

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