5 veteran Seahawks who could lose their roster spot to rookies

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One of the toughest parts of the offseason is knowing that many of the guys on the roster aren’t going to be with the team once the games being. It is exceptionally though when they are guys that we’ve been seeing in Seattle Seahawks uniform for the last few years.

It is an unfortunate but necessary part of the NFL. Teams are constantly looking to get better and younger. Not all rookies are drafted to fill holes on the roster. Some are drafted with the intention that they will replace aging or expensive veterans.

Here are five veteran Seahawks that will enter camp looking over their shoulder at rookies that are trying to take away their roster spot.

Jermaine Kearse

Kearse is a bit of a polarizing player in Seattle. Fans seem to either love him or hate him, and there is very little middle ground. Whether you like that his name is on this list or not will depend on which side of that debate you’re on.

Kearse is one year away from free agency, the the team has spent considerable resources that past two season working to replace him. He now faces major challenges from a quartet of players who all appear primed to take away his playing time.

Second-year players Kevin Norwood and Chris Matthews are joined by third-round pick Tyler Lockett as guys on the roster than will all take away playing time from Kearse. Once Kasen Williams signs, he’ll also be in the mix.

Making matters worse for Kearse is that he now counts for just over $2.3 million on the salary cap. If the Seahawks feel they can get similar production out of one of the younger players, they can save considerable cap space by letting Kearse go.

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