Early AFC/NFC Title Games and Super Bowl 50 Predictions


The draft is over and the analysis is complete. So in the spirit of the “It’s Never Too Early” league, here are my post-draft predictions for conference title games and Super Bowl 50.

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Even though I waited for the draft coverage to end, the draft didn’t make much of a difference in my early picks. These are the teams I believe have the best chance as of today.

If I’m correct, the title games will be great to watch. The NFC is still the better conference talent wise, but the gap is closing. And no, not because of a bad play call in Super Bowl XLIX.

Without further ado:

AFC Conference Title Game

Denver at Indianapolis – New England will obviously be a factor once again, but Peyton Manning and John Elway will be ready for the 2015 playoffs. Unfortunately for Denver, Andrew Luck will be too tough at home. Manning’s last game in his career will be in the dome he built in Indy. Fitting, really. The man who replaced Peyton in Indianapolis will beat him to get to his first Super Bowl. This will be Andrew’s greatest game as he earns the AFC ticket to Levi Stadium in February.

Colts 37 Broncos 24


NFC Conference Title Game

Seattle at Philadelphia – Yes, Seattle will get to a third straight NFC Conference Championship! This year, however, the game will be a long ways away from CenturyLink. The Eagles offense in 2015 will finally be able to sustain a full game of energy. Sam Bradford will thrive having a true superstar back in DeMarco Murray. Their defense will be much improved, motivated by the high-octane offense. They will get so close to San Francisco. Just not close enough. The Seahawks’ experience combined with the horrible taste of Super Bowl XLIX will push Seattle to a 3Pete in Philly. Sweetest one yet!

Seahawks 27 Eagles 24



February 7, 2016 @ 6:37:23pm EST     (that time seems about right)

Indianapolis vs Seattle – The quarterbacks in this Super Bowl are the gems of the 2012 draft. 2012 may surpass 1983 as the greatest QB draft ever. Time will tell.

Even though I’m a lifelong Seahawks fan, I’m really basing my prediction on talent, experience and motivation. Seattle’s talent is a huge obstacle, especially their improvements offensively. The defense that shut down the Broncos’ high scoring attack and created two Tom Brady interceptions will silence Andrew Luck for most of the game. Marshawn Lynch will have an MVP caliber game, rushing for over 150-yards. Indianapolis will need to wait until Super Bowl 51 as the Seahawks make two championships in three years. I’m sure the San Francisco residents will be very pleased.

Seahawks 31 Colts 17


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