The Daunting Task Ahead For Seahawks To Reach 3rd Straight Super Bowl


No team in the salary-cap era has ever been to three consecutive Super Bowls. With the majority of its talent coming back and the motivation after its Arizona disappointment, Seattle has more than a legitimate chance to become the first. – Greg A Bedard

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Of the major sport’s leagues in the great US of A, baseball is the one that promotes statistics, streaks and records the most. The NFL has some great statistics and records, we just don’t hear as much about those as compared to baseball.

The above quote tell us since 1994 no team has been to three straight Super Bowls. In 1994 the NFL adopted a salary-cap, set at an aggressive $34.6 million. This year the cap is set at a staggering $143.28 million. One reason to have a salary cap is to promote parity across the league. Still, with a cap in place, one team may be making the Super Bowl three straight years. That is a heck of a feat.

Seattle has retained a large portion of its championship caliber team. The teachings of Pete Carroll are still being heard and acted upon. The Seahawks are built so well, anything less than a Super Bowl win is a disappointment. In fact, since the 2005 season (Super Bowl XL was played on February 5, 2006) Seattle has been to the Super Bowl three times. That number ties them with Pittsburgh and New England for most appearances during that span. Not bad company.

It’s surprising to see three teams dominate their conferences over a ten year period during the salary-cap era. Using baseball as an example again, the San Francisco Giants, St. Louis Cardinals, N.Y. Yankees and Boston Red Sox have had a great deal of success since 1996. The Atlanta Braves get close but usually run out of steam. Since 2005 there have been just two teams (San Francisco and St. Louis) who have three World Series appearances. Less than the NFL.

Something else we see in baseball and in the NBA that isn’t seen often enough in the NFL, are teams with consecutive losing seasons – some with several – who suddenly become competitive. In 2014 the Kansas City Royals, a yearly baseball punchline, made it to the World Series. An improbable run that captivated fans throughout the major leagues.

In the NBA we saw the New Orleans Pelicans top Oklahoma City for the final playoff spot this year. Something of a surprise (I found it quite difficult to back a team called the Pelicans).

Aside from the 2008 Arizona Cardinals, not much has been in the surprise department for the NFL.

If Seattle once again makes it to the Super Bowl, that’ll be four appearances since the 2005 season. For Seahawks’ fans it would be a wonderful accomplishment. For other fans, not so wonderful. Still, Seattle will earn the right to be discussed with historical significance. Something the Emerald City never expected in 1974 when the NFL awarded Seattle with a franchise.

2015 will be about current powers (Green Bay, New England, Seattle) with a few old timers mixed in (Denver, Dallas, Pittsburgh).

No matter how it turns out, Super Bowl 50 will be a monumental celebration! And hopefully monumental for 12s worldwide.


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