Ranking The Top 10 Most Valuable Seahawks – Part 3

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Moving on to numbers five and six it started to get tougher. This is when you have to think about it a little harder. We all know which players are going to be included at the top, but deciding on the order of them simply isn’t easy. In case you missed the last two parts in the series you can find them here. Part 1, and part 2. Here we go:

Number 6 – Bobby Wagner

I really struggled with this one. I didn’t know whether to put him at five or six, because of how important your middle linebacker is to the team.

Wagner was the Seahawks second round pick (#47) from the 2012 NFL draft out of Utah State. He was considered to short and not big enough for some teams, but not for John Schneider. Why? Speed. He recorded one of the fastest forty times at the combine that year for the linebackers.

Over the course of his three-year career he as played in 41/48 regular season games piling up 428 tackles (10.4 per game), 9 sacks, and 2 interceptions. If you remember our defense last year went from being average to dominate when he came back from injury. Hopefully his extension comes soon after Wilsons because he is very deserving.

Next up is number five.

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