Ranking The Top 10 Most Valuable Seahawks – Part 4

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The fourth installment of this series takes us to numbers three and four. They happen to make up one-half of the quartet better know as the Legion of Boom. One was a first round draft pick and the other was a fifth, but that doesn’t seem to make a difference because they are both All-Pros. In case you missed the first three parts of this series, here they are. Part 1, Part 2, Part 3:

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Number 4 – Richard Sherman

Sherman was a fifth round draft pick out of Stanford in 2011. Like a lot of the Seahawks players, he was drafted later then he thought he should have been. This created a very large chip on his shoulder which could be a big reason for his success.

The advantage it creates to have a shut down corner is unmeasurable. It allows the safety to roll his coverage more to the other side knowing that the corner will rarely ever get beat. You can simply just place him on an island out there and tell the opposing quarterback to take your best shot. It is one reason that Kam Chancellor gets to roam free.

In his first four years he has racked up a league leading 24 interceptions paving the way to his very large four-year $56 million extension he received last year. He has greatly improved his run support as well which is something a corner isn’t known for. When its discussed who is the best corner in the league this should be acknowledged as well. Deion Sanders who has been arguably known as one of the best corners of all time couldn’t tackle a lick.

In all, not only is he one of the most valuable Seahawks. I’ll bet he’s pretty high in the NFL’s top 100 as well. He hasn’t missed a game yet once he became the full-time starter, and if he does we will really find out how valuable he is. Next up, Number 3.

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