The most overrated and underrated Seattle Seahawks?


Pete Prisco of CBS Sport released his lists of the most overrated and underrated player on each NFL team today. The results were a bit surprising, and there’s likely to be plenty of upset fans. This is especially true for fans of the Seattle Seahawks.

Typically I tend to ignore much of Prisco’s analysis. His views are stuck in the 90s. The game has evolved and he hasn’t always kept up. He also tends to stick to his pre-draft evaluations on players even once they’ve proven him wrong. His campaign against Russell Wilson is a great example of that. Sadly, that didn’t stop with today’s columns.

I will add that he made a point on twitter that I absolutely agree with:

Most of the game’s most highly-regarded players deserve the recognition they get. There are also tons of guys that deserve to get more credit. This is especially true for the guy he chose as Seattle’s most underrated player.

Overrated: Russell Wilson

Prisco’s take:

"I put him here because I think he’s a good quarterback who people think is great. He still isn’t great inside the pocket, and eventually he will have to be. You don’t get faster as you get older."

My Take:

Prisco needs to stop his anti-Wilson campaign and move on to something else. Yes, Wilson runs a lot. No, that isn’t why he’s a good player. Wilson excels where QBs need to excel to be great. He protects the football. He’s extremely accurate down the field. He makes the players around him better.

You want to argue where Wilson belongs in the rankings of today’s top quarterbacks? Fine, go for it. To suggest that Wilson doesn’t belong in that conversation is completely asinine.

Underrated: K.J. Wright

Prisco’s take:

"Bobby Wagner gets a lot of deserved attention in the middle, and we know the secondary gets its share of credit, but Wright is a speedy linebacker who is also a big part of why the Seattle defense goes as well as it does. The Seahawks made the smart move to re-sign him last season and prevent him from hitting the market. A lot of teams would have come calling."

My take:

Prisco gets this one right. With all due respect to Brandon Mebane J.R. Sweezy and Cliff Avril, all of which are underrated in their own right, K.J. Wright’s lack of media attention confusing.

Wright is a huge part of Seattle’s defense. His ability to shut down the league’s top tight ends is a big piece of what makes the defense so dominant. He’s no slouch against the run either. The Seahawks did the right thing choosing to re-sign Wright, even it it ultimately prevents them from being able to re-sign Bruce Irvin.

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