Russell Wilson is a better pocket passer than people think


The knock on Russell Wilson has always been that he’s not good from the pocket. He’s a great runner and is good once he gets outside. Everyone agrees on that. His play form the pocket though is greatly under appreciated. Wilson can make the traditional NFL throws as well as anyone in the league.

For reasons that I’m still not sure of (I didn’t care enough to actually try and find out), twitter this morning of full of Russell Wilson highlights. We don’t really need to be reminded how awesome he can be, but it never hurts either. The dude can just flat out play.

Interestingly, there were none of his epic shambles or any of his designed runs included. It was all plays that he made from the pocket. People still seem to think that he cannot make plays from the pocket despite the mountain of evidence to the contrary.

The Wilson-Palooka seemed to start with the final play from the NFC Championship Game. Lets face, it, this is such a pretty pass from Wilson. The tweets captioning these plays about him being too short are sarcasm.

Here’s the same play from the end zone angle. It makes it clear that Wilson throws a perfect pass, and from the pocket.

I love this next one. Wilson has an unblocked guy in his face and still delivers a perfect pass down the sideline.

Wilson is deadly with a clean pocket. It is such a shame that Seattle’s offensive line has been so porous that he so rarely gets a chance to just stand in there, read the entire field and deliver the football.

Blitzing Wilson is often just opening up the field for his receivers. Wilson throws a great pass here. He puts the ball outside away from the defender. He also puts enough air under it to let the receiver adjust the ball. This play really show off his touch on those deep passes.

And here’s another one where the defense blitzes. Wilson makes this look way too easy.

Here’s a tweet from a couple of days ago. it wasn’t really part of today’s montage, but it is so good that I felt it needed to be included. It is vintage Wilson delivering a perfect ball 50 yards downfield to a receiver with zero separation.

Finding plays where Wilson wins from the pocket isn’t difficult. If you think that Wilson is too short or cannot play from the pocket, you haven’t been paying attention.

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