Richard Sherman Softball Game: Wilson, Durant and Crawford shine in pre-game


The Richard Sherman Celebrity Softball Game just began, but I wanted to jump in and share a few stories from before the game began. Dan and I have to covered all day today, so be sure to check back for more as the game progresses.

Wilson Wins HR Derby

Russell Wilson was one of the last participants to arrive at Safeco field. He ventured in to locker room after the pregame pressers had already concluded. He didn’t wait to long to have his presence felt though.

Before the game even began, Wilson took home the championship of the home run derby.

Wilson got off to a slow start, but once he adapted to the slow pitch speed he began to crush the ball. Other than Brandon Browner, Wilson was the only player to reach the MLB warning track.

He got another swing later in what appeared to be a tie-breaker, and Wilson put the ball over the major-league fence. He crushed that ball, showing off his baseball talents.

Crawford and Kam

Jamal Crawford shared an interesting story before the game today. During NFL and NBA lockouts, which overlapped, a lot of NBA and NFL players worked out together.

Crawford said that he was playing against some guys, and was like “Who is this guy who’s playing defense like its the playoffs?” That guy turned out to be Seahawks safety Kam Chancellor.

When asked what Chancellor was like as a defender, Crawford said that Kam was same as he is on the football field. “Real physical.”

When asked if any of the NFL guys he played against could make it in the NFL, he tried hard to be diplomatic. “There’s a few guys who might be able to play in the summer league, but the NBA? I don’t know.”

In case you can’t tell, that’s how you say “no way” without trying to offend anyone.

Kevin Durant Should Stick to Basketball

Kevin Durant is an amazing basketball  player. He’s one of the best pure scorers that has ever stepped onto the hardwood. He also has one of the ugliest swings with a bat in hands that I’ve even seen.

It is pretty safe to say that Durant shouldn’t quit his day job. He’s probably ok with that though, since he has one of the coolest day jobs ever created.