Richard Sherman softball game: Kevin Durant an unintentional star


Kevin Durant’s relationship with Seattle is a complicated one. He was drafted by the Seattle Sonics and should have been the player return the once-great franchise to contention. Instead, the team left. Durant is now the star for the team whose very existence is a constant reminder of the NBA’s contempt for our city.

Durant continues to represent Seattle though, regularly wearing Sonics gear when he’s seen out in public. For whatever the reason, he seems to feel a connection to the city. It was no surprise when his name was announced as a participant for the Richard Sherman Celebrity Softball Game.

That is where the fun starts, at least for those of us who watched the game. Durant is such an amazing athlete, but at Safeco Field he looked like a fish out of water. We knew we were in for a treat as soon as he stepped into the batters box for the him run derby.

His swing was ugly, and he struggled to get the ball out of the infield. That was only the beginning of the fun though.

Durant’s exploits in the field were even better. Durant played in center field, and any ball lifted into the outfield automatically became an adventure.

Twitter had a lot of fun at Durant’s expense during the game as well.

The point in all of this is a positive one for Durant. He had to know he’d look foolish out there, and yet he agreed to play anyways. It was more important to him to help Sherman’s foundation and kids in the city of Seattle that he was willing to look silly in front of thousands of people to do so.

Not only that, but he said before the game that he asked Sherman if he could come to Seattle and play this year. This isn’t just someone that he begrudgingly agreed to do because it was a good cause. Durant actually sought out the opportunity to help out.

That is a very commendable act, and not one that most people (especially those whose name is a multi-million dollar brand) would make. Durant seem unfazed, and took time with his fans after the game.

So despite all the jokes, we salute you Kevin. Please come back and play again next summer.

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