Seattle Seahawks training camp: notes from August 1st


It’s day 2 of training camp. The guys haven’t even put on the pads for the first time yet, but it is already apparent that the Seattle Seahawks are going to be very good once again. (Just in case there was any doubt.)

Here’s my notes from today’s practice:

  • The Seahawks fixed the video feed. No more talking heads from Q13. Back to actually being able to see drills and watch players. I cannot express how much better this is.
  • Lemuel Jean-Pierre and Drew Nowak split time at center with the 1s again today. Sokoli and Lewis split time with the backups again. This is starting to look like a two-man race.
  • From what I’ve seen, that makes Nowak the current favorite to win the starting job. He’s quicker and better able to reach the 2nd level in the running game. Plus, Jean-Pierre’s versatility is more valuable as a backup.
  • Kristjan Sokoli is struggling to adapt to playing center. He had multiple bad snaps that resulted to balls ending up on the ground.
  • Alvin Bailey is currently getting all the 1st team reps at LG. Tyler Poole is working with the 2nd team at the position, and Mark Glowinski is at RG with the 2nd team. This alignment likely won’t change until after the 1st preseason game, if it changes at all.
  • Got a good look at the receivers today. Tyler Lockett looked so natural out there. Great quickness and natural hands. He looked like the most natural receiver on team, even better than Baldwin (and that is saying a lot, since Baldwin is an incredible receiver). Lockett is going to be much more than just a kick and punt returner.
  • This receiving group is better than advertised. Kevin Smith and Douglas McNeil both impressed at times. These are guys at the bottom of the depth chart right now, so it speaks to the depth Seattle has at the position.
  • Speaking of depth, it is pretty easy to see that this team is much deeper than it was last season. In my opinion, it isn’t quite as deep as the 2013 team though.
  • Bruce Irvin looks considerably stronger in the arms and shoulders. It is no wonder that he keeps getting “randomly” tested for PEDs by the league. His work in the weight room is really evident. Take a look. The first is at Super Bowl 48. The second picture was taken today.

Bruce Irvin at Super Bowl 48 vs now. Photo credits Credit: Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports, Anthony May-Ant May Photo

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