Seattle Seahawks: What’s their worst-case scenario?

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If you’ve followed me for very long you know that I’m an optimist, and in particular I’m extremely bullish on this organization and this team. In fact, three months ago I detailed at length why I believe these Seahawks will win Super Bowl 50.

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When I was a young fan that optimism would cloud all reason; “I just KNOW that Stan Gelbaugh can lead us to the Super Bowl!”  But now that I’m old(er) I’m more practical and objective, at least before I’ve had a few $10 Mac & Jack’s on gameday.

Expectations for the Hawks are understandably high this camp.  All the young stars are locked into long-term deals, the team is healthy, and Pete Carroll is telling everyone who will listen that it’s the deepest team he’s had.  On the C&C Podcast last month I picked Seattle to finish 13-3, win the division, and possibly lock down the #1 overall seed again in the NFC.

But what if everything went wrong?  What if the sky fell?  I’m not talking about injuries, those are freak occurrences. I’m talking about what their “floor” is.  Some teams have a wide range of potential.  The Rams, for example, could go 12-4 if everything meshes, but could just as easily go 4-12.

Injuries aside, let’s take a stab at what a worst-case-scenario for the Seahawks might look like:

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