Seattle Seahawks training camp notes for Monday August 10th


We’re finally to a game week for the Seattle Seahawks. It was a very long trek to the VMAC today, but I came away with a lot of great notes that need to be shared. Let’s not waste any time getting to the good stuff.

I cannot say enough positive things about the play of safety Dion Bailey today. He had two picks, including one of Wilson in red zone drills. The guys was flying all over the field, and showed great instincts.

Concerns about safety depth behind the starters can be put to rest. Once the starters get back, Bailey and Shead provide very good depth for the Seahawks there. I posted this on the bus back to my car:

Besides Bailey, the star of the day was Kasen Williams. He stood out in the scrimmage on Saturday, and then followed that up with three long TDs today.

Williams was rewarded with some reps with the starters late in practice. The coaches have started to take notice of his efforts.

Doug Baldwin also stood out amongst the receivers, but this is barely noteworthy. He always stands out.

Technically Jermaine Kearse stood out as well, but not for the right reasons. By my count, he and I had the same number of catches in team drills to today. He was a full participant.

BJ Daniels looked like camp fodder for the first week of practice, but not anymore. The QB-turned-WR has started making plays with some regularity.

Daniels had a few nice catches today, including a sliding grab on a very poorly-thrown Archer pass and TD from Tarvaris Jackson that looked remarkably similar to the Chris Matthews touchdown in the Super Bowl.

The Seahawks also used Daniels for a gadget play that was rather fun. Wilson threw the ball outside to Daniels on a play that looked like a bubble-screen. Instead of Daniels cutting upfield, he came back across the formation looking to pass. No one was open, so he eventually had to run.

It was a creative play, showed the advantage that a guy like Daniels can create over a defense.

Perhaps the best moment in practice today had very little to do with football. On one play in 11-on-11s, the CB and WR got tangled up and went down. The line judge threw a flag and called defensive pass interference.

Richard Sherman ran over to argue to call (he wasn’t even on the field for he play). It look like Sherman was giving the ref all sorts of trouble, until both player and ref (and a few guys nearby) busted up laughing.

Sherman was obviously having some fun, and wasn’t being the least bit serious. It is good to see the guys keeping things light between reps.

Pete Carroll said after practice that Drew Nowak has pulled in front of Lemuel Jean-Pierre in the battle for starting center. Given the difference in athleticism between the two player, this isn’t likely to change.

The Seahawks are going to go into the first preseason game with an open competition, but if Nowak plays well the competition could be drawing to a close fairly soon.

The same cannot be said about left guard. The Seahawks have tried out four players with the 1s at the position through nine practices. There’s no sign that we’re going to have any clarity at the position any time soon.

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