Arizona Cardinals: Scouting Report from preseason Week 1

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Special Teams also seems average to me at best.

Returns weren’t extremely spectacular in my opinion, however, if there’s one thing they should be excited about, it’d about rookie free agent Jaxon Shipley, who made one big return for 50+ yards, but overall, I still wouldn’t be extremely hopeful.

Their return game hasn’t been worthwhile since Patrick Peterson’s rookie year when he back there returning punts and kick offs.

Final Thoughts:

If the Cardinals stay healthy, let’s face it, they’ll be a threat. Their offense will be potent; their defense won’t be the same, but will be effective and get the job done nonetheless. They do have concerns at various positions, mostly just with the backups.

But overall, let’s not take these birds lightly. They’ll be a threat, but Seattle’s reign as kings of the NFC West – like they have for so many years already!

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