Paul Allen to be honored for his philanthropy


Paul Allen will receive the Carnegie Medal of Philanthropy on October 15, 2015 for his work as a philanthropist.

The Seahawks are an amazing team. However I want to remind you that if it had not been for our owner Paul Allen the team would most definitely be playing in Oakland right now. Apart from saving the Seahawks from moving down to California he co-founded a little company called Microsoft and made a bunch of money, however it is what he has done with that money that sets him apart.

Paul Allen has an amazing portfolio of successful business ventures but is also one of the most philanthropic people on the planet. According to resources Paul Allen’s philanthropic contributions now exceed $2 Billion dollars.

Through the parent company Vulcan Inc. Allen owns the Living Computer Museum, Flying Heritage Collection, and EMP Museums. These cultural institutions help to remind the public of our shared history so that we can examine the past while moving forward. Paul Allen has also been generous by funding many medical research initiatives as well, focusing on the brain and spinal cord, cells and Ebola.

It was announced yesterday that Paul Allen will receive the Carnegie Medal of Philanthropy this year. The Carnegie Medal of Philanthropy is given every two years to individuals who “like Andrew Carnegie, have dedicated their private wealth to the public good and who have impressive careers as philanthropists.” The Carnegie medal began in 2001 and has only 46 members in its elite club of amazing people.

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In the NFL some owners feel the need to be in the news a lot and they’re typically not in the news for doing great things.  I am excited that Paul Allen is consistently in the news for working toward projects that promote the public good. I am proud that Paul Allen is receiving this medal of recognition of a life full of hard work and sacrifice as he finds great ways to give away his fortune.

I would like to give Paul Allen a heartfelt congratulations thank you for his work to improve humanity. According to the write up on the Carnegie Medal of Philanthropy page “It is Mr. Allen’s firm belief that, with the right team, anything is possible – no matter what the endeavor may be.”