Twitter reaction to Russell Wilson’s crazy endorsement


Seattle Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson decided to double-down on his crazy claims he about Recovery Water in Rolling Stone today. Hopefully he knew it was going to end badly.

Of course, that set off a firestorm of extremely entertaining tweets from around the nation that ranged from funny,

to hysterical.

Yeast Dan. you forgot the yeast.

Mike is on to something here. I wonder if Recovery Water would sponsor a team.

This one is probably my favorite because, if it can’t be aliens, it must be nano bubbles.

You were supposed to figure that out on your own Ryan.

Of course, no list of internet snark would be complete with a contribution from this gentleman:

Good thing he keeps himself hydrated.

Then again, maybe Russell really did have a concussion.

All we really know is that in the war between head trauma and nano bubbles, the winner will always be twitter.

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