Seattle Seahawks vs Oakland Raiders: 5 takeaways from Seattle’s win

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The Seattle Seahawks hosted the Oakland Raiders on Thursday in their final preseason game. Many starters on both teams didn’t play. Those that did play didn’t play much. It is pretty safe to say that the 31-21 final score doesn’t mean much.

This will be a bit of an abbreviated version of the usual takeaways article that is published after the game each week. I missed the first half, and had to watch a recording of it after the game was over. As a result, it’s late now and I’ve got a long day tomorrow.

Here are 5 takeaways from Seattle’s win:

The offensive line was much better

Sure, it’s the Raiders. And I know they didn’t have all their starters in there. But come on, you can’t watch that game and not feel better about the play of the offensive line.

The starting unit looked good. Wilson and Archer had time, and there were nice running lanes to work with. Really, that’s more than we probably should have expected given how poorly the unit played last week.

Some of the backups struggled, and the Seahawks need to look outside the organization for a fourth OT. Really, though, it is tough to complain about how the group did as a whole on Thursday.

Rookie Kristjan Sokoli deserves a special shoutout. The former defensive end was dominant in the second half. The Seahawks definitely have something special there if they’re willing to continue to develop it.

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