NFL Power Rankings: Week 1

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13. Melvin Gordon struggled enough in the preseason to make many wonder if Rivers is going to have to carry the offense by himself again. Too bad Antonio Gates will miss the first four games as well.. (0-0). Previous: 23th. San Diego Chargers. 20. team

19. team. 44. If Dan Quinn wanted to rebuild the Falcons in Seattle’s image, I’m not sure making the offensive line a disaster was the best place to start.. (0-0). Previous: 20th. Atlanta Falcons

Previous: 17th. Buffalo Bills. 18. team. 16. Tyrod Taylor makes them more interesting, but he doesn’t make their offense good by any stretch. . (0-0)

(0-0). Previous: 16th. Houston Texans. 17. team. 10. Houston is a team that is build to win now everywhere except at QB. They’re built to be no better than a .500 team as long as Hoyer is under center.

124. Maclin looks like a great fit to finally give them a weapon at WR. The defense though looks like it has take a step back though, and the Chiefs are still handcuffed by the mediocrity that is Alex Smith.. (0-0). Previous: 18th. Kansas City Chiefs. 16. team

50. The Lions essentially traded having an elite defensive line for an upgrade in their running game. It is difficult to see that swap making them better.. (0-0). Previous: 15th. Detroit Lions. 15. team

(0-0). Previous: 14th. Carolina Panthers. 14. team. 87. Losing Benjamin on an offense with so little talent will be painful. Luckily the Panther still have Cam Newton and a good defense.

13. team. 59. Miami’s defense is better than you might think. If Tannehill takes the next step in his development, the Dolphins will be dangerous.. (0-0). Previous: 13th. Miami Dolphins

(0-0). Previous: 12th. Cincinnati Bengals . 12. team. 56. After years of having one of the best rosters in the NFL, they’ve seen some of their depth erode in the offseason. Plus, Andy Dalton is still Andy Dalton.

The Vikings look ready to push for a playoff spot. Bridgewater and Peterson will cary the offense, and the defense looks dangerous.. (0-0). Previous: 10th. Minnesota Vikings. 11. team. 60

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