Seattle Seahawks: 5 breakout players for the 2015 season

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Tyler Lockett

There wasn’t a more electric special teams player in the entire NFL in the preseason. Lockett dazzled, had returned both a punt and a kickoff for touchdowns.

At the same time, he struggled to integrate himself into the offense. This was true even against backups. Then this happened:

Lockett’s physical talents are special. By all reports, he is also a very hard worker and someone who has adapted to the NFL much faster than any of his teammates expected.

The Seahawks also didn’t run any plays specifically for Lockett in the preseason. There were no bubble screens or other plays to try and get the ball into Lockett’s hands in space.

Likely this is because the Seahawks didn’t want to put those plays on tape for opposing teams to study. That should change once the regular season begins.

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