Seattle Seahawks: 5 breakout players for the 2015 season

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Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports

Luke Willson

Willson filled in admirably as the starter last season when Zach Miller, but was hardly a “breakout player.” Then the Seahawks acquired Jimmy Graham, which will definitely cut into Willson’s snaps. So why is he a breakout candidate?

That is because that by having him be the 2nd TE, the team will be able to maximize his abilities. Willson won’t have to do everything for the Seahawks this season. He will only have to do the things he does well.

Plus, Graham will draw the attention of the opposing linebackers and safeties. Willson will be able to fly under the radar. In 2 TE sets, no one will be worried about Willson because Graham will be the focus of the opposing defenses.

He may not get as many chances, but he should do much more with the chances he does get.

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