Seattle Seahawks Roundtable: Predictions for the 2015 season

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For the Seattle Seahawks and the rest of the NFL, the 2015 regular season begins this week. That means that this is a great chance for us to go on the record with out predictions for the year.

It might be a good idea to bookmark this page so you can come back to point and laugh. This is especially true for Keith and his ridiculous Miami pick for the AFC East.

Thomas Oide

NFL Predictions

  • AFCE: NE
  • AFCS: Indy
  • AFCN: Baltimore
  • AFCW: Denver
  • NFCE: Philly
  • NFCN: GB
  • NFCS: NO
  • NFCW: Seattle
  • AFC Winner: Indy
  • NFC Winner: SEA
  • Super Bowl: Indy

Seahawks Predictions

  • Regular Season wins: 13
  • Lynch Rushing yards: 1,250
  • Wilson Passing yards: 3,500
  • Wilson rushing yards: 750
  • Graham receiving yards: 850

Random NFL prediction: Marcus Mariota wins more games than Jameis Winston in the two QB’s rookie seasons.

Alexis Bravo

NFL Predictions

  • AFCE – Patriots
  • AFCN – Steelers
  • AFCS – Colts
  • AFCW – Chargers
  • NFCE – Eagles
  • NFCN – Packers
  • NFCS – Atlanta
  • NFCW – Seattle
  • AFC Winner – Dolphins/Ravens
  • NFC Winner – Seattle
  • Superbowl Winner – Seattle

Seahawks Predictions

  • Regular Season wins – 16-0 (Realistically: 13-3)
  • Lynch rushing yards: 1100 – 10 TDs
  • Wilson passing yards: 3800 – 35 TDs
  • Graham receiving yards: 990-1100 12 TDs

Random NFL prediction: Tyler Lockett / Frank Clark offensive & defensive rookies of the year.

Dan Viens

NFL Predictions

  • AFCE: Patriots
  • AFCN: Ravens
  • AFCS: Colts
  • AFCW: Broncos
    *All chalk, but the teams that have traditionally been on top still their divisions best
  • NFCE: Cowboys
  • NFCN: Packers
  • NFCS: Falcons
  • NFCW: Seahawks
    *Atlanta the one change at top. Falcons offense is the best in division, Quinn makes defense better.
  • AFC winner: Patriots
  • NFC winner: Seahawks
  • Super Bowl winner: Seahawks
    *First Super Bowl rematch in 22 years gives the Hawks a chance for payback

Seahawks Predictions

  • Regular season wins: 13
  • Lynch rushing yards 1,200
  • Wilson passing yards: 4,000
  • Wilson rushing yards: 500
  • Graham receiving yards: 800
    *Wilson runs less, throws more, and has better weapons. Lynch tops out at 1,200 yards with Fred Jackson taking some of his load off.

Random NFL Prediction: 49ers only win 4 games, earning a top 5 draft choice. Tomsula fired after one year, and biggest offseason topic in San Fran is will they draft a QB with their first pick?

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