NFL Power Rankings: Week 2

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60. Adrian Peterson looked ordinary. The offensive line was a complete mess. Teddy Bridgewater was rattled. That’s a very bad combination for a Vikings team that had high expectations entering the season. . (3-20). Previous: 10th. Minnesota Vikings. 20. team

St. Louis Rams. 19. team. 51. The “great” defense gave up 31 points. They’re lucky Seattle’s defense played horribly and gave up even more. . (34-31). Previous: 23rd

team. 50. Giving up 30 unanswered points to blow a 28-3 lead says a lot about this defense. They clearly aren’t as good as advertised. . (28-33). Previous: 15th. Detroit Lions. 18

46. The Colt got blown out by the Bills in a game that wasn’t nearly as close as the score. Andrew Luck isn’t going to be able to help a defense that’ll scare no one.  . (14-27). Previous: 10th. Indianapolis Colts. 17. team

Previous: 16th. Kansas City Chiefs. 16. team. 124. The Chiefs took advantage of the mess that is the Texans QB situation and got the win. That they couldn’t pull away is a bit concerning. . (27-20)

13. Rivers asserted himself and led them to the win. The lack of production in the run game was a big reason why they needed 30 unanswered points to pull out the win. . (33-28). Previous: 20th. San Diego Chargers. 15. team

team. 87. Playing Jacksonville helped them get the win, but the Panthers did nothing to relieve worries about the offense. . (20-9). Previous: 14th. Carolina Panthers. 14

59. The defense played well and got them the win. The offense struggled, and it was supposed to be a major strength.  . (17-10). Previous: 13th. Miami Dolphins. 13. team

(21-28). Previous: 6th. Pittsburgh Steelers. 12. team. 55. The secondary was as bad as expected. The offense will have to play better than they did last Thursday for Pittsburgh to win.

Philadelphia Eagles. 11. team. 54. The offense sputtered throughout the entire first half before finally finding their rhythm. If they’d waken up sooner, they likely would have won this game. . (24-26). Previous: 5th

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