Seattle Seahawks Stock Report – Week 1

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It goes without saying that things did not go according to plan for the Seattle Seahawks this weekend in St. Louis. It was a back and forth affair, but the Rams ultimately prevailed 34-31 in overtime. St. Louis won in dramatic fashion, stuffing Marshawn Lynch and the Seahawks on fourth down to win.

Sunday’s loss marked the second consecutive game the Seahawks have lost by a single yard. The irony in this loss is nauseating. Obviously, we all remember what happened on the 1-yard line in the Super Bowl. This time, the ‘Hawks opted to give the ball to Lynch, but he fell short in his quest for 3 feet of turf.

Today, we will focus on who stood out this past Sunday. I will highlight a few players whose stock rose and a few whose stock dropped. We will start with Tyler Lockett, who made a big impact in his NFL debut.

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