Pete Carroll: “Kam’s going to be with us a long time”


Seattle Seahawks head coach Pete Carroll addressed the media today. As you might expect, the topic of conversation was primarily about the return of Kam Chancellor.

An interesting moment happened about halfway through his presser. Someone asked Carroll about working with Chancellor after the holdout and if there was a strained relationship there. Instead of just giving some canned answer decided to talk about his job.

Pete talked about how it was his job to support the players and do whatever was necessary to get them to perform, be that teaching, motivating, or helping them deal with things in their personal lives.

The response was interesting most because of the question that preceded it. It appeared to me that Pete was admitting that he had been unhappy with Kam, but that he had push his own feelings aside for the good of the team.

You don’t get to be an NFL head coach without having an ego. It is refreshing to see one who is able to put his ego away when he needs to. It makes me think that the Seahawks and Kam can work things out to keep him happy in the long term.

For now, Chancellor is on the exempt list. That allows him to practice, but not play. He can stay on that list for up to two weeks, but it is unlikely that he stays there for long. As soon as he is ready, Chancellor will be added to the roster.

The other news that Carroll talked about included injuries. Tharold Simon had a setback on Sunday. He was active for game, but was unable to make it through it. Carroll said he was unsure if Simon was going to be available this week.

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