Seahawks vs Bears: 5 takeaways from Seattle’s blowout win

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The Seattle Seahawks got themselves into the win column this week by shutting out the Chicago Bears. The 26-0 drubbing the Seahawks administered was not without mistakes, but overall it was a very good game for the Seahawks.

Now they must build on this success as they get ready to take on a tough Detroit Lions team next week. That’ll be a much tougher test not matter what Detroits’ record is, but the Seahawks look like they should be up for that challenge

There were lots of takeaways from today’s win. Here are five that stood out:

1. Lynch injuries piling up

Marshawn Lynch was questionable this week with a calf injury. He wasn’t able to start the game because of his reoccurring back problems. Once he got on the field, he lasted only five carries before suffering a hamstring injury. Lynch has also been dealing with a neck injury this season.

Lynch is 29, and has been a workhorse for the Seahawks the last 4 and a half seasons. He’s reached that combination of age and total carries where RBs break down and struggle to stay on the field.

Hopefully this is just a rough stretch for Lynch and not a sign that the end in near. This is definitely something that it worth watching as the season progresses.

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