Seattle Seahawks best offensive lineman is?


Earlier today, I decided to ask what I thought was a fairly innocuous question to the Seattle Seahawks fan who follow me on twitter.

I was expecting to get a nice debate on how all of them are flawed. The actually response was way more interesting.

This, or something similar was the most common response.

I believe that’s a reference to Max Unger who was traded to the Saints in the offseason.

This is likely true. With Okung likely gone in the offseason, the Seahawks will have to look to the draft to find a new left tackle. Hopefully they’ll do a better job of drafting offensive line talent than they have over the last few seasons.

The Coleman answer surprised me a bit. While he’s a great story that everyone seems to love, my mentions on twitter suggest that most 12s don’t think he’s particularly good. (I disagree with that, in case you hadn’t notice that).

Russell Wilson received more votes than any of Seattle’s actually linemen. Given that the read-option involved an intentionally unblocked DE that Wilson must account for, this isn’t just a silly joke response.

Fred Jackson also got some recognition.

All of this came before the first actual lineman received a vote. The first one mentioned was Russell Okung. He was also the most-mentioned lineman with three total votes.
Each of Seattle’s other four starter were also mentioned exactly once.

Of course, there was one response that stood above all the rest. Well done Nathan.

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