NFL Power Rankings: Week 4

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Week 3 is complete. The NFL season pushes on to Week 4. That means it is time for another edition of our NFL Power Rankings.

We’re starting to see teams settle into the some definite tiers. There are a few very good teams, quite a few bad teams and a very large group of teams in a middle tier.

Lets jump straight into the rankings.

team. 57. The Bears are in fire sale mode trading away anyone they can get draft picks for. Considering how bad they’ve looked so far this season, that is probably a good idea. . (0-26). Previous: 32th. Chicago Bears. 32

42. Kaepernick has regressed into looking a lot like Ryan Leaf. If they had a backup that wasn’t Blaine Gabbert, I’d say it would be time to make a change. . (7-47). Previous: 24th. San Francisco 49ers. 31. team

(22-27). Previous: 30th. New Orleans Saints. 30. team. 15. Rob Ryan is still employed as defensive coordinator for the Saints. With as bad as the offense is now, they cannot afford to have such a poorly coached defense too. 

53. He might not be ready, but the Browns need to make the switch to Manziel and give him a chance to learn on the field. . (20-27). Previous: 27th. Cleveland Browns. 28. team

Previous: 26th. Tampa Bay Bucs. 27. team. 48. Jameis Winston’s growing pains continue. There’s flashes of competence in there, but he still has a long way to go.. (9-19)

St. Louis Rams. 26. team. 51. Nick Foles was terrible this week. Todd Gurley didn’t look healthy yet. No reason to rush him back before he’s ready.. (6-12). Previous: 23rd

Previous: 20th. Detroit Lions. 25. team. 50. There is no reason for this offense to be this bad. There’s way too much talent there for this to continue. A trip to Seattle next Monday isn’t likely to help much. . (12-23)

24. team. 26. The offense isn’t as good as expected. The defense isn’t as good as expected. This isn’t a bad football team, but they just cannot get enough out of either unit t get a win right now.. (24-26). Previous: 14th. Baltimore Ravens

team. 35. They almost won against the Colts. Almost doesn’t count in the NFL. . (33-35). Previous: 25th. Tennessee Titans. 23

Houston needs to run more to help out their awful QBs. When they get just a little offense they can win because of their defense. . (19-9). Previous: 31th. Houston Texans. 22. team. 10

Matthews is a better fit for this offense than Murray. Once the running game got going, the passing game really opened up. . (24-17). Previous: 29th. Philadelphia Eagles. 21. team. 54

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