NFL TV Maps for Week 4


The Seattle Seahawks host the Detroit Lions on Monday Night Football this week, so you won’t find a Seattle game on any of the NFL TV Maps this week. Instead, Seahawks fans get to relax and enjoy stress-free football on Sunday.

The entire morning slate of game for Fox in the morning is fairly poor. Almost everyone will be getting Giants and Bills. Oddly, Eugene, Oregon is getting the Eagle vs. Washington.

The local TV station there must be hoping that Chip Kelly will come back to the Ducks. Given how bad both of those teams have been at times this year, I can understand. It won’t happen, but it is worth dreaming, right?

Sadly, the only afternoon game that the West Coast will get will be watching Green Bay blow out the hapless 49ers. That game will likely be unwatchable by halftime. This might be a good time to get the lawn mowed one last time before fall weather sets in.

That lease CBS as the last hope for compelling football to watch on Sunday. The Seattle area will get Kansas City – Cincinnati. That’s a matchup of potential playoff teams. Cincinnati in particular appears to a real Super Bowl contender at this point.

Portland and the rest of the West Coast get Oakland – Chicago. That is definitely a less compelling game. Watching the young Raiders get to 3-1 will be fun, but the Bears are possibly the worst team in NFL by a wide margin.

All maps are the work of the awesome team from 506sports. I have no idea how they make them, so I am infinitely grateful for their work. If you live near one of the borders, visit their site and you can zoom in get a better look.

CBS (one game)

Fox Early

Fox Late

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