Packers to Colin Kaepernick: “You Ain’t Russell Wilson”


There was an interesting moment in the second half on Sunday’s game between the Green Bay Packers and the San Francisco 49ers. After 49ers QB Colin Kaepernick tried to scramble but was caught for a loss of one, one of the Packers defenders said something amazing to Kaepernick.

While it is difficult to tell who it was that was talking, the words were very clearly “You ain’t Russell Wilson Bro!”

You can hear it clear as day in this vine:

The comment comes just two weeks after Wilson ran for 78 yards against the Green Bay defense. The Packers defenders have seen both QBs recently, so the comparison is even more hilarious.

The 49ers were a complete mess offensively once again. Kaepernick cannot seem to complete passes even when his receivers are wide open. There is a level of frustration that is very apparent. It makes me wonder how much longer Kaepernick will remain as the starter in Santa Clara.

If the 49ers had a backup QB that wasn’t the infinitely terrible Blaine Gabbert, that change may have already been made. I’m not sure we’ve even seen a young QB decline as quickly as Colin Kaepernick has.

Credit for pointing this out goes to 12th Man Rising’s Charles Tumbarello. He was the first to point it out on twitter that I saw, and the vine above is his. Good work Charles.

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