Seahawks vs. Lions: 5 Takeaways from Seattle’s 13-10 Win

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The Seattle Seahawks escaped. The defense dominated the Detroit Lions and gave up just three points, but the offense struggled. Turnovers and poor play let the Lions hang around. Ultimately, it took a big play by Kam Chancellor on goal line to preserve a win that should have been a blow out.

A win is a win. An ugly win is better than a pretty loss. 12s need to keep telling themselves these things. The Seahawks are back to 2-2, and have erased much of their awful start to the season.

Here are five takeaways from Monday’s important win:

1. Where are the turnovers?

The Seahawks have only collected 2 turnovers in their last three games. One of those have came in the closing seconds tonight.

This is a defense built to collect turnovers. Earl Thomas, Richard Sherman, Bobby Wagner, and KJ Wright all have great ball skills. Combined with a great pass rush, and the Seahawks should be regularly getting interceptions.

The lack of defensive turnovers is the biggest difference between Kris Richard’s defense and the ones ran by Dan Quinn.

The offense gave it up twice. Special teams lost it once. The defense only managed get a single one back. That cannot continue.

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