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The Seattle Seahawks defeated the Detroit Lions 13-10 in Seattle on Monday Night football. The Seahawks improve their record to 2-2 while the Lions fall to 0-4. What did we learn from this game? How should we feel? How do I feel?

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The offensive line is still a massive work in progress. Russell Wilson is on pace to get sacked the 2nd most amount of times in a single season in NFL history. It just isn’t acceptable. There are too many breakdowns, missed blocks, and just players getting beat period. The offensive line is even struggling to run block for a majority of the season, something that they were supposed to be able to do regardless of personnel.

The biggest question with the offensive line and the real key to the season: Will the OL get fixed in time? Or will it get fixed next year? This right now is the biggest achilles heel for the Seattle Seahawks, and the biggest reason by a huge margin that will explain their failures if they don’t make it back to Super Bowl 50.

Will the Seahawks bench any of them? I do not believe so. I think Pete Carroll and Tom Cable believe if you give this group more time, they will get better. They refuse to believe they can be this bad for 16+ games. If that is how Pete and Tom feel, I agree, I refuse to believe the OL play could stay this bad for an entire season. But maybe they will try to impress me and do just that. Switching the OL now may feel like a waste of the past 4 weeks in their minds.

The Seahawks offense moved the ball well all night, but untimely sacks/failure to execute yet again cost them. This was different though than the Chicago game, where they couldn’t do anything the whole first half. Russell Wilson passed for 287 yards total in the game and rushed for 40, contributing over 300 yards of offense despite the struggles with the offensive line in the running and passing game. Russell Wilson’s play was Herculean vs the Lions. He is truly a more accurate QB now compared to years past when he throws it. He’s throwing it with authority.

For the year, Russell Wilson is completing over 70% of his passes. He is throwing the ball better than ever if you ask me, and he bumped his YPA up after his yards per attempt was 11 vs the Lions. While his two fumbles nearly proved disastrous, Russell Wilson was 20 of 26 for 287 yards and 1 TD including the two fumbles. He played a really great game besides the two fumbles. You can’t pass protect as poorly as the Seahawks do and expect him to never turn the ball over. It’s an unrealistic and unattainable expectation.

The Seahawks defense still looks as elite as years past. The Seahawks have not allowed a defensive touchdown in the two games Kam Chancellor has been back, and 18 of the 20 last possessions against the Seahawks defense have ended in a punt. The defense is playing lights out, like they are paid to do since Seattle pays the defense a considerable margin more than the offense.

Kam Chancellor made the play of the night with his likely game saving forced fumble of Calvin Johnson right before he crossed the goal line to give Seattle the ball back and secure the win. Anyone who was still mad at Kam Chancellor for the hold out better be the first ones lining up saying they are sorry for being nasty towards Kam on social media.

Kam’s effort on this play epitomizes this team to it’s very core. If there is one inch left, I’ll defend it and show effort. That effort to force the fumble may be a play we look back on months from how as a season definer and changer. Changed the trajectory of the season. The Enforcer is back.

Overall, I’m not as disappointed as a lot of people are after this close win. I truly have questions about the offensive line, and I fear that one of the times Russell Wilson gets hit he might not get up, but I just have faith he’s so tough that he’ll find a way to survive the punishment. He is truly one of the toughest players in the NFL but isn’t touted as such. I do feel better after this win than I did vs the Bears, and here is why.

The Lions are more talented than the Bears despite the records. The Seahawks offense moved the ball well all game. This wasn’t an offense that struggled to move the ball. They didn’t struggle heavily on 3rd down, either. They went 6 of 13 on 3rd down which is good enough. They just need to get the offensive line doing its job better. This team was on the brink of blowing the Lions out before the mini collapse, and fortunately Seattle held on.

The Seahawks face a tough test Sunday morning @ the Cincinnati Bengals. Truth be told? This team will need to play better to win there. This team is capable of winning there because the defense is playing lights out and the offense can atleast move the ball, and Wilson is passing the ball at a high level. If they can fix some things, it wouldn’t be a shock to see Seattle pull the upset. For now, they are deserving of being the underdog Sunday @ the Bengals.

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