Seahawks midterm grades, position by position

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The Jimmy Graham National Narrative has been mostly negative, and there are even Seahawk fans screaming to the heavens now about why would we trade for an elite tight end and then not use him!!! But sometimes it’s fun to use facts. Facts are cool.

So Graham has had one game where he wasn’t thrown to, and it was on national TV. So everyone thinks he’s not being utilized properly. And oh by the way, the entire offense is struggling right now because of the poor offensive line play. But… again, why focus on facts?

It’s 4 games. Relax.


Remember when Seahawk receivers were notorious for dropping the football? Sure, that was a decade ago, but it bears using as context. This group may not be dynamic, but they are as sure-handed as any in the league. To this point it’s only been a 3-headed group. Doug Baldwin, Jermaine Kearse and the rookie Tyler Lockett have accounted for 46 of the groups 51 catches. Baldwin has 2 TD’s so far, Lockett looks like a veteran who’s due for a breakout game any week now, and Kearse is on pace to rack up almost 1,000 yards. It would be great to see Chris Matthews get more opportunities, especially in the red zone. So far though, this group has been solid.

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