NFL TV Maps for Week 6


The Seattle Seahawks host the undefeated Carolina Panthers this week. If you don’t live in the local area, be sure to check out the NFL TV maps to see if you get the game in your area.

The worst part of the the NFL’s “2 and 1” rule shows up in the Seattle area this week. Because the network with just one game has the Seahawks’ game, the other network cannot show a game game in that time slot.

That means that the local area only gets two televised games this week. One of which is the Seahawks game. The other game, Denver at Cleveland, should be an ugly and tough to watch football game.

Cleveland is a bad football team, and Denver’s offense is a mess. Peyton Manning has looked his age all season and has been tough to watch. This isn’t a particularly appealing matchup.

It seems that the Oregon stations have finally come to their senses and have stopped pretending they were part of the Tennessee Titans local market. Former duck Marcus Mariota isn’t enough to make that team enjoyable to watch.

All maps are the work of the awesome team from 506sports. I have no idea how they make them, so I am infinitely grateful for their work. If you live near one of the borders, visit their site and you can zoom in get a better look.

CBS Early

CBS Late

Fox (One Game)

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