Seahawks faced with crucial crossroads


The Seattle Seahawks haven’t started out the season the way they would like. (Boy, that statement really isn’t a stretch is it.) Now at 2-4, they are faced with a crucial crossroad.

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Road number one leads to surrendering. To simply say “We have problems that we cannot fix this year, we’ll still try but we’ve lost our hope as well.” This wouldn’t be the response from the culture Pete Carroll claims he has created in Seattle of always competing and always believing. There is nothing wrong with fans losing hope, but if the players have lost hope then there are bigger problems coming on the horizon for the Seahawks.

Road number two leads to continuing to fight and believe in everything they stand for. To say that 2-4 is merely a title of a chapter, not the title of a book we are all reading in visual form. To truly believe that all they need to do is go 1-0 every week and they will end up where they want to be, which is hopefully holding up a Lombardi trophy after Super Bowl 50.

To stand by one another and the process and never lose faith in each other. To not turn their back on one another because it would only make things worse.

The Seahawks wouldn’t be wrong to believe all they have to do is go 1-0 every week. While realistically they can afford one more loss, the Seahawks really don’t want that loss to come before December. 2-4 isn’t how anyone envisioned them starting or wanted the Seahawks to start, but it’s the reality of the situation.

You can’t change losing 4 times within the six games played. However, you can change the record from 2-4 to 3-4, then to 4-4, 5-4, 6-4, so on and so forth. That is the mentality the Seahawks need to have. It’s the mentality they SHOULD have if Pete Carroll has successfully created the culture we all believe he has. The only belief they need to have is from within the team.

You can’t change the past, but you can learn from it. The Seahawks can’t run away from the expectations that were handed to them and the expectations they had from themselves. It would be too easy to give in and say it was just a down year.

That all good teams have a down year. The Seahawks need to get every coach and every player in the same room and have a full day of just explaining everything from their point of view and why multiple aspects are struggling come game day and down the stretch of games.

2-4 isn’t how the Seahawks wanted to start, but it could be the start that defines them this year and going forward. It’s easy to have fun and be a great teammate when you’re making the Super Bowl or playoffs every year since Russell Wilson has come. But can you continue to be a great teammate, a supporter of your teammates and continue to strive for excellence even when it isn’t easy and doesn’t look pretty?

That will be one of the questions the Seahawks will look to answer the rest of the season. Maybe the season doesn’t finish the way they want to. But the way they approach the rest of this season, whether there is success or failure, will be key in the Seahawks going forward.

A bad season has the potential to destroy the culture and locker room you worked so hard to create and build. If Pete Carroll is right about the type of players he has though, the Seahawks will not back down and they will fight and continue to believe.

We’ll find out if the 2-4 record is the title of the book or merely the title of a chapter.

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