NFL TV maps for Week 7


The Seattle Seahawks play the San Francisco 49ers tonight on Thursday Night Football. That game is broadcast nationwide on both CBS and NFL Network. That means that you won’t find the Seahawks on any of the NFL TV maps this week. This is Seattle’s third nationally televised game in the first seven weeks of the season.

On CBS, the Jets-Patriots game that most of the Northwest will see is actually a fairly compelling game. The Jets are one of the few teams that have the defensive talent to give the Patriots problems. Now that New York has a decent coach, they could pull off the upset here.

The rest of the region will see Oakland and San Diego. Those are two middle-tier teams that will be able to compete for a playoff spot because the AFC is so weak this year. That game could end up having serious playoff implications for for both teams.

The Fox morning game of New Orleans vs. Indy would have been interesting a couple of years ago. Now it is a matchup of mediocre teams that are destined to play below expectations. The AFC is so bad this year that a win for Indy here will actually help them contend for a playoff spot.

For the afternoon spot, the NFL isn’t even trying anymore. They placed an East coast game, which should be in the morning slot, there and nothing else. They’ve essentially given a pair a mediocre NFC East teams a free nationally televised game.

All maps are taken from 506sports. They do awesome work, and there’s no way to reproduce them. Be sure to click the link if you live near one of the borders. On their site you can zoom in and figure out what will actually be on in your area.


Fox Early

Fox Late

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