NFL TV Maps for Week 9


If you’re looking for the Seattle Seahawks on the NFL TV Maps below, you won’t find them. The Seahawks are on their bye week, so you’ll have to find other teams to watch this Sunday.

There are actually some good games on the schedule this week, and the Seattle area gets all of them. The Green Bay-Carolina game on Fox should be a great one. The two teams have only one loss combined, and that came last week. There are major playoff seeding implications in that one since both of those teams should win their respective division.

The morning game on CBS is another good one. Oakland has been the surprise team of the year so far. Now they have to go on the road against a Pittsburgh team that’s managed to stay in the race even though they were without their starting QB for a while.

Once again, there is a de-facto national broadcast in the afternoon time slot. Sure, the Denver-Indy game would be worth watching and has a ton of storylines, but there’s no reason for it to be the only game on at that time.

That Denver defense looks a lot like Seattle’s 2013 defense. That’s a scary group, and probably not what turnover machine Andrew Luck needs to face right now. It is very possible that we could see Luck implode in that game.

The only downside this week is that those three games include the announcing trio of Fouts, Simms and Aikman. That’s a whole lot of awful that’ll be spewed forth during those games. I suggest you just mute the commentary. It’ll make the football far more enjoyable.

CBS Early

CBS Late

Fox (one game)

I have to make sure to include my weekly shoutout to the guys at 506 Sports for putting the maps together. They’re awesome (so are the maps), and I’m greatly for the work they put in to make them.