Seattle Seahawks mid season grades

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  • Midterm grade: B
  • Semester grade: B

Jimmy Graham in the first four games: 18 catches, 174 yards, 2 TD’s.

In the last four? 20 catches, 276 yards, and 0 TD’s.

Why do the Seahawks continue to struggle in the red zone so much (dead last out of 32 teams)?? They still haven’t figured out how to get Graham involved. At one point in the Dallas game he was matched up on the outside one on one with a CB, and no safety help. Throw it up and let him make a play? Nope, the Seahawks ran it instead. (See Did Super Bowl Ending Ruin Darrell Bevell?)

But there is reason for optimism. Graham is showing improvement in finding open spots during Wilson scrambles, and has been a more consistently-targeted third down option. If they can figure out how to get the ball to him in the red zone, all the talk of “why did we trade for this guy?” will fade.

In the meantime, Luke Willson continues to prove he’s one of the better complimentary (nice word for backup) TE’s in the league. He had a big catch in the 49er win and scored the only TD in Dallas.


  • Midterm grade: B
  • Semester grade: B

Rookie Tyler Lockette continues to improve and become more involved in the offense (27 catches, 253 yards and a TD) but Doug Baldwin is too often an afterthought. Still, this group has consistently done one thing as well as anyone in the league, catch passes. Baldwin has the longest current streak in the NFL for consecutive catches without a drop.

Second year WR Paul Richardson has been activated off the PUP list after tearing his ACL in the Carolina playoff game. All reports are that he’s 100% healthy. His speed and route-running will be a welcome addition to this group. He could play a key role.

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