NFL TV Maps for Week 10


Once again, the Seattle Seahawks are playing in prime time and therefore not on any of the NFL TV maps below. Instead, you can find them on NBC for Sunday Night Football this week against the Arizona Cardinals.

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That means that everyone in the Seattle area gets a day of watching stress-free football. Unfortunately, not all the games will be worth watching. This might be a great day to spend tailgating.

Honestly, the entire CBS early slate is terrible. The Browns-Steelers game might be the best the group, but that like saying someone is the “least-corrupt politician”

The Fox game isn’t much better. The Lions are absolutely terrible. Watching them get crushed by Green Bay certainly isn’t worth listening to Troy Aikman for three hours.

It is too bad that we don’t get the Vikings-Raiders game. That’s a game of two young ascending teams that will likely make the playoffs this year. No matter who wins, it should be entertaining.

Marcus Mariota has one good game and part of Oregon is back to being part of Tennessee Titans territory. For non-Oregon Duck fans in that area that has to be infuriating.

The late game is better. Kansas City-Denver is bound to be a good game. The Chiefs have been better of late, and Denver’s defense hasn’t been as good. While anyone outside of Kansas City would have predicted a Denver blowout a couple of weeks ago, it now looks like it could be a good game.

CBS Early

CBS Late

Fox (One Game)

I need to make sure to include my weekly shout out to the guys at 506 Sports. They’re the ones that do all the work putting these maps together. Clicking that link and sending them some traffic would be much appreciated.