Seahawks vs. Cardinals: A prediction


The Seattle Seahawks host the Arizona Cardinals on Sunday Night Football later today. This is a game that could ultimately decide who wins the NFC West this season.

Predicting the outcome of this game isn’t easy. The Cardinals have looked like the better team for much of the season, but they’ve also played a far weaker schedule. It is easy to look good when playing against the worst teams in the NFL.

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This game presents as a matchup of two great defenses and two offenses that leave much to be desired. The Cardinals have the No. 3 ranked defense. The Seahawks are currently No. 2.

That picture gets even worse when you break it down by run vs. pass. The Cardinals are a passing while Seattle’s pass defense is No. 2 in the NFL. Seattle has one of the top rushing offenses in the league, and Arizona has the NFL’s No. 4 rushing defense.

All of that points to this being a very low scoring game. Long drives will be rare. Points will be even rarer.

That will put a major emphasis on special teams and turnovers in deciding this game. The Seahawks have the advantage when it comes to ball security. They’ve turnover the ball over 4 fewer times this season than Arizona has.

That is significant when you realize that Seattle has been uncharacteristically sloppy with the football this season. Arizona’s offense takes far more chances with the football, and it leads to more turnovers.

The Seahawks also have the better special teams, though Arizona’s special teams are still good. Seattle’s Steven Hauschka is 4 of 4 from over 50 yards. Arizona hasn’t made a FG over 50 yards all season.

Put those last two pieces together and it seems safe to predict a Seattle win. Turnovers and special teams should give the Seahawks better field position. Having the better kicker should allow them to turn more possessions into points.

As long as the Seahawks are able to keep the Cardinals out of the end zone when they do put together a drive. They should come away with a hard-fought victory.

Seattle 19 – 13 Arizona