Seattle VS Arizona: Full Recap

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Normally our fantastic editor, Keith Myers, does the post-game reaction/recap article, but instead he’s spending his day amongst you, the 12s at the C-link, so for at least today, I will be covering for Keith. Without further ado, let’s begin.

Recap and Thoughts Per Quarter:



The very first drive was stopped rather quickly by Seattle’s defense. However, since that drive, Seattle’s defense has found it hard to get off the field on 3rd down. It’s not all bad though, they are getting pressure against this rather good Cardinals offensive line.

The bad though, is that their pressure either gets there too late, or Palmer is able to allude the pressure by stepping up in the pocket. While the pressure is good, the lack of interior pressure is hurting and Palmer’s mobility in the pocket is frustrating.

Sherman is not following a WR, he’s sticking to his side, thus leaving Larry to roam shadow free.  Cliff Avril does not get enough credit, he has been in a majority of plays making an impact. He’s one of the reasons why the Seahawks have been able to contain the Card’s running game.

Brandon Mebane was in what appeared to be in coverage during one of the plays, just weird. Overall, the defense has played to what has been advertised.

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Offense basically looks like it’s looked all year-long – not good. The O-line looks like its former self…and not in the good way. Throughout the first quarter, I cannot remember once Wilson having a clean pocket, he’s under pressure almost every passing play. On the Brightside, though, the Seahawks did take a deep shot down the field early, but haven’t done that since, which isn’t good. What is concerning though, is that Wilson is missing throws that he normally makes, but nevertheless, the constant siege he’s under and that does not help in the slightest.

The running game has been ok considering the line’s clear struggles. Marshawn looks alright, despite him being a game time decision (abdominal), and the reports from Jay Glazer this morning that Lynch was in serious pain but there is no indication that it is bothering him; he’s still running strong.

Misc. Notes:

Flags are killing this team, at this point we’ve had 4 at the worst possible times that has either killed our drives, or extended the Cards’ drive. THIS NEEDS TO STOP.

Refs are blind, they have missed several holding calls, but nothing can be done there.

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