NFL TV Maps for Week 11


This week’s NFL TV Maps show us something that shouldn’t be all that surprising. The Seattle Seahawks are no longer the big TV draw that they were earlier in the season.

The Seahawks are on Fox in the late time slot. Most of the nation has decided not to show that game. Part of that is because the 49ers aren’t a good team anymore. Part of it is because the Seahawks are no longer considered a Super Bowl contender.

The CBS game this week is a better one than many people might think. The Bears have rebounded a bit from their terrible start and are playing fairly well right now.

Denver is on on the other side of the coin. After their hot start, they’re now playing terribly. Now they’re going to be without quarterback Peyton Manning, though that might end up being a good thing. Manning hasn’t played well this season.

The Fox slate isn’t bad either. Washington-Carolina is a game with playoff seeding implications. A Washington loss would help the Seahawks chances of picking up a wild card spot.

The other game in the afternoon on Fox should be a good one. The winner of that game has the inside track on winning the NFC North.

It will actually help Seattle for the Packers to win that game. Seattle’s loss to Green Bay earlier in the season means that Green Bay owns that tiebreaker. The Seahawks will be better off if the Packers in the NFC North.

CBS (one game)

Fox Early

Fox Late

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They also have all the college games listed, which makes it a resource if you want know what channel games are on.