Marshawn Lynch to skip surgery, for now


There will be no sports hernia surgery for Marshawn Lynch right now, but it could cost him a chance to play with Seattle in the playoffs.

According to a report from ESPN’s Adam Schefter, there will be no surgery for Seattle Seahawks’ star running back Marshawn Lynch. At least not right now.

Lynch suffered an abdominal injury during the Thursday practice before the Arizona game. He played through it that week, but could not go last Sunday against the 49ers.

Lynch then flew to Philadelphia to see Dr. William Meyers. Dr. Myers is an expert in sports hernia surgeries.

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When Lynch flew East, the expectation was that he would have surgery on Tuesday, and then miss 6-8 weeks while he recovered. That would have cost him the remainder of the regular season, but gave him a chance to be back for the playoffs.

Instead, Beast Mode is going to try a more conservative approach. The hope is that he can heal with another two or three weeks of rest, and then be back to help the Seahawks compete for a playoff spot.

The drawback to this approach is that healing is not certain. It is entirely possible that he’ll wait and then still need surgery. The delay would then cost them a chance to play in the playoff.

This is a calculated risk by Lynch, but it is probably the right call. There is no guarantee that the Seahawks will make the playoff at this point. If he were to have the surgery now only to have team miss out on the postseason, than he wouldn’t play again this year anyways.

This becomes a case of weighing odds. There is the chance to play as many as seven game (or none) vs. the chance of none (or as many as 4). “None” is a possible outcome from either choice, but waiting to have the surgery means he has a shot at playing more games.

It is important to note that this is now Thomas Rawls’ team. The Seahawks will hope to get Lynch back, but Seattle’s hopes of making the playoff rest squarely on Rawls’ shoulders.